Statues of Women in Islam and Quran

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Published: 10th December 2010
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When we ask a nonmuslim person what they think about women in Islam, he must say that this is the second class which has less importance than man they say as because they have not complete knowledge of Islam because they have not read the Quran

Thoroughly they see Muslim women wearing a veil but do not know the reason behind this and will reach the wrong conclusion and perception that this is because they are being treated as low class

But when we read Quran we come to know that Islam gives sigh respect to women. Sometimes women are not treated well and thatís not due to the Islam .it happened because of wrong tradition of the people these two should not be confused as being related to one another. Islam is not against the education of the women as it encourages women to learn as they are to help lead the future generations of Muslims in the world and for them to be good citizens in their respective countries.

In Islam it is appreciated that the wearing of the headscarf and covering of the body is required by Muslims Men are also required to cover themselves but the man show ignorance in it, Islam gives the full protection to the women and also mentioned there protection when we read Quran then we see that at different places Quran have focused to respect for women

Islam allows the women to work when there is need and also to get education of every field so that they may leads a better family and have been doing so in many countries around the world. In many countries women are not treated well that is because of there tradition Muslim woman. Are fully allowed to make the decision about there marriage

When we analyses then see that Women in the Muslims family are treated with vary respect and care is the heart of a Muslim family and should be treated with love. teach Quran us that women are not just as cleaners or cooks around the home

Islam provides us such a way of life that way to lead a very peaceful life for both men and women. There is prefer ability to men over women but they are also human beings so they should be treated with fully respect so that ALLAH bless His blessings upon you so that we may lives successful life

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